The Illusion

Rectangle Fiberglass Pool

A popular pool due to its full-width splash pad at the front of the pool that ends with a stylish step design into a waiting swimming pool. The splash pad area is a little deeper, making it perfect for lounge chairs and a small table while others enjoy a swim that can descend to a full seven feet on the 40-foot-long edition.

  • Large built-in fun pad providing the perfect playground for children and adults
  • Sophisticated modern rectangle design will enhance all types of backyard designs
  • Great for end-to-end swimming for both exercise and fitness
Imagine Pool: The Illusion


Length Width Shallow Deep
40′ 15′ 4″ 4′ 5″ 7′
35′ 15′ 4″ 4′ 5″ 6′ 6″
30′ 15′ 4″ 4′ 5″ 6′