Going Low-Chlorine is easier than ever with PristineBlue®

Water treated with PristineBlue® feels softer and looks inviting without a chemical taste or odor. It’s gentle to equipment and won’t bleach your liner or swimsuit. You can swim immediately after application. Your eyes won’t burn…and you won’t believe how good your skin and hair feel after swimming! And it’s easy! The long-lasting formula of PristineBlue® lets you escape the chore of daily water testing and maintenance.

Why Consider Going Low-Chlorine?

In swimming pools, spas and swim spas, many people don’t like the chemical odor and taste of chlorinated water. The disadvantages of chlorine are many and range from minor to serious. It bleaches vinyl liner pools and swimsuits, it irritates eyes and skin, you have to wait to use the pool after you’ve added chlorine, it’s hazardous to store, it can corrode pool equipment and it’s harmful to the environment.

Chlorine dissipates quickly and therefore requires vigilant testing and maintenance. Swimmers can develop reactions to chloramines, which are chlorine by-products, ranging from skin irritation to respiratory problems. Some research studies have even linked chlorine use in indoor pools to asthma! And those are just the minor complaints!

PristineBlue® Is One Such Alternative!

PristineBlue® is a low-chlorine chemical system which provides pool owners with many advantages. It’s gentle on eyes and skin, won’t bleach vinyl liners and your family can swim immediately after application. PristineBlue® is used to control algae and nonpublic health bacteria, and bacteria that cause odor problems in residential swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. PristineBlue® is environmentally friendly, EPA registered as an algaecide/bactericide and certified for addition to drinking water by NSF International.

The long-lasting formula of PristineBlue® requires attention just once every 2 weeks, and just a few ounces are needed, not gallons or pounds.

PristineBlue® does not dissipate, so it’s very cost effective because every drop works against algae and bacteria in your pool, spa or swim spa. Overall, the cost of maintaining your water on PristineBlue® for 1 year is about the same or less as running your water on chlorine.

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